School Safety Update

School Safety Update
Posted on 05/23/2018
school safety

Dear Parents,

When Hurricane Harvey disrupted our entire school district, we worked with parents, community groups, churches and local law enforcement agencies to create solutions and get our students back to school.  During this time, we became fully aware of the power of collaboration in Clear Creek ISD to provide a safe haven for children.   

We are faced with another community challenge, and like before, we will rely on each other to solve it. In the wake of the Santa Fe ISD shooting, I am initiating a Safety Committee made up of parents, staff, law enforcement agencies, faith based leaders, and mental health providers that will explore the following areas in June:

  1. Restrict entry points in all of our schools.
  2. Explore the use of transparent backpacks.
  3. Examine the use of metal detectors and staff needed to monitor them.
  4. Coordinate the available mental health care resource providers with CCISD and our Faith Based Leaders.
  5. Consider all options available within the law to keep students and staff safe.
  6. Define communication tools and protocols in an emergency.

Recommendations from this committee will support our Strategic Plan, specifically Strategy III: We will ensure a safe and nurturing learning environment.

Many of you may be interested in serving on this committee. A lottery system will be established shortly so that we have equal representation from across the district. In the meantime, I would like to address some questions/concerns that have come to our attention regarding the remaining six days of schools.

Social Media and Threats

Please talk to your child about the importance of digital citizenship. If you or your student comes across a post or text that is inappropriate or threatening, report it. Do not share it. To report important information, call 281-284-TIPS (8477), email, or text "CLEARTIPS" plus your message and campus to 274637 (CRIMES). If there is a credible threat, we take immediate steps to secure the campus and notify parents. 

We have referred several students to the District Attorney’s Office for making a terroristic threat in the last 36 hours, even when the student claimed it was a joke. The DA’s office is accepting the felony charges.

Heightened Security Measures

We will maintain our increased police visibility at our schools through the remainder of the school year. If possible, please leave backpacks, gym bags, and purses at home. If students need to bring them, remember their bags may be subject to search.

Keeping Students Home

Under the law in Texas, attendance is compulsory. We cannot waive days or discretionarily apply excused absences. If you do not feel your child is safe in school, please have a conversation with your campus principal to see what can be done to restore your confidence. If a parent refuses to send their child to school, the student’s absence will be unexcused. This is not something the school district can legally waive.  

National Walk Out on Wednesday

We are aware of the national calls for a student walk out on Wednesday, May 23, 2018 at 10 a.m. The Clear Creek Independent School District stands with Santa Fe ISD however; we will not be organizing or endorsing a walk out of our 44 schools. This is a matter of student safety. If a student wants to participate in a walk out, parents will need to check them out of school consistent with our normal procedures.

In lieu of a walk out, we will show our community support for Santa Fe by encouraging our students and staff to wear green and gold tomorrow to school. Our students will have opportunities to reflect with their peers and teachers. 

Support Santa Fe

I am in contact with the superintendent of Santa Fe ISD. Dr. Wall is deeply appreciative of our community’s support. With this in mind, I am sharing information with our families who may want to stay informed of, or donate to, the recovery efforts. Santa Fe ISD will return to school on Tuesday.

Thank you for your time and support of Clear Creek ISD.

Greg Smith, Ph.D.

Superintendent of Schools


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