Mossman Fifth Graders Make a Memorable CCISD IMPACT on Fellow Student

Mossman Fifth Graders Make a Memorable CCISD IMPACT on Fellow Student
Posted on 04/27/2018
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On April 23, 2018 a very special student-led idea and project came to fruition on a playground. Fifth graders from Mossman Elementary spearheaded the idea of advocating for an adaptive swing in the school’s playground for their classmate and friend, Rusty Webb. They accomplished their goal, and on Monday Rusty enjoyed the swing for the first time with his friends, family and campus community cheering him on.

Rusty uses a wheelchair for mobility which limits his ability to participate on traditional playground equipment. The fifth graders decided to lead the charge after noticing that Rusty was not able to join in with his classmates on the playground equipment. Recognizing this challenge, the students quickly took action, rallying together to ask District leadership to consider purchasing and installing a special swing for their friend.

“These young students really demonstrated a genuine understanding of shared ownership,” said Executive Director of Special Education Services Dr. Cynthia Short after the initial presentation and request was made by the fifth graders. “These are students who are saying, ‘If we are going to truly live out our core values, then Rusty should get a swing,’” she said.

It was not long before the new swing was ordered and plans for its installation and a celebratory ribbon cutting were underway.

Set to the theme “Knights United”, the April 23 program featured fifth graders Kendall Reno, Jalyn Moore, Hollin Skiehar, and Will Dockery leading the program. The student leaders shared with their special guests how the new swing had come to pass. “Our school was recently gifted with a new playground. It was amazing,” said Dockery. “But there was a problem…there wasn’t a swing for our friend,” he said. “He is a part of our family so this needed to change.”

“Our voices were being heard as a family driven with the goal of us being united as one,” said Skiehar. She shared that other Knights began to join their journey. Student Cael Prock raised money on his own to donate to the cause and students wrote inspirational poems, a few of which were featured in the printed program.

Leading up to the ribbon cutting, the fifth grade student body together sang “What a Wonderful World” to American Sign Language. Rusty’s parents then had the honor of placing Rusty in his new swing and watching a smile instantly spread across their son’s face.

“It is my hope that the students will continue the character that they have been showing and lending their voice to the causes that they stand up for,” said Kelsey Bierman, Rusty’s fifth grade teacher. “We are so proud.”

Dr. Short said plans are underway to schedule, purchase and install similar swings at all elementary campuses where there are students who require wheelchairs.

Throughout the year, the students and staff of Clear Creek ISD have made many positive impacts on the community and world around them in ways large and small. CCISD IMPACT is this philosophy and core values in action, just as in the Mossman student mission fulfilled. Visit for more stories.
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