Summer School Information


Our CCISD Elementary schools do not offer a tuition-based summer school program. 

Specific students are offered the opportunity to Camp Math & Camp Literacy. This program is extended to 5th graders by invitation only based on performance on the STAAR assessment. Parents of students who qualify will be contacted by their campus principal in May.  

Additionally, the district offers summer programs for specified English Language students within PK – 5th. If your child qualifies for the program, an application must be completed and returned to your child’s teacher or home campus.


For information on accessing intermediate summer school classes use the link below.
Intermediate Summer School Welcome Letter

Intermediate Contacts
Summer School Office
(281) 284-1732

Intermediate Summer School Principal
Jeff Olin (281) 284-1732 or

Kim Rackowski (281) 284-2341 or

Cheryl Flores (281) 284-1732 or cflores@ccisd

Edgenuity Support
Jennie Kivch (281) 284-1550 or

High School

For information on accessing summer courses use the link below. 
HS Summer School Welcome Letter

Students will only be enrolled in one course per session. If a student finishes a course and has time for an additional course, please contact the appropriate counselor. 

High School Contacts 
Summer School Office

Summer School Virtual Office Hours
8:00 AM - 2:00 PM
(281) 284-1934

Summer School Principal
Adrian Washburn (281) 284-1934 or

Last Names A-L: Ebony Barnett (281) 284-1782 or
Last Names M-Z: Yolene Hairgrove (281) 284-1228 or

Last Names A-L: Christi Deiss (281) 284-1935 or
Last Names M-Z: Brandie Corrao (281) 284-1325 or

Edgenuity Support
Jennifer Burkett (281) 284-2266 or

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