Mental Health

The Clear Creek Independent School District has a comprehensive system of mental health supports across our schools that help students grow and thrive along their educational journey.

School psychologists and social workers in our schools embrace preventative and early intervention models designed to meet the mental health, social-emotional and behavioral needs of all students.

Numerous programs and partnerships exist within CCISD to support the mental health and social-emotional and behavioral health needs of students and families.

Mental Health Supports (minimum):
3 full time mental health at every high school
2 full time mental health at every middle school
1 full time mental health at every elementary school

1 full time nurse in every building

District Support
2 Directors of Mental Health
6 Mental Health Coordinators
1 Coordinator of Counselors
2 Coordinators of Health and Wellness
1 Coordinator of PBIS
Office of Inclusive Excellence

2 Directors
4 Coordinators/Coaches
15 Affiliates
Suicide Prevention Task Force
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