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Department Vision

The Educators in CCISD teach according to the guidelines established in the TEKS and teachers collectively promote physical fitness and health concepts that apply to the life-long process of becoming fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Quality Physical Education Is Neither Athletics Nor Recess

Physical Education is an integral part of the quality education which includes sequential lessons and assessment. Physical Education lessons are designed for every child and the intent is to provide children of all abilities and interests with a foundation of movement experiences that will lead to an active and healthy lifestyle.

The national standards for fitness are constantly changing, consequently our Physical Education, Health and Wellness Educators continue to evaluate and revise all levels of curriculum to improve our mission for the children of Clear Creek ISD.

We are very excited about creating a positive physical education feeling for each of our students!

In Intermediate & High School

Quality Physical Education programs here in CCISD teach students motor skills necessary to participate in a wide variety of physical activities. We strive to convince students that physical activity will reach far beyond the class setting. Students will be taught to work cooperatively to achieve a common goal, meet challenges, and make good decisions to solve problems. These are all areas of life that physical education has an impact upon each day.

  • Physical Education/ Health Curriculum

In All Grade Levels

Research has shown that heart disease, Type II diabetes, hypertension and obesity are increasing in America's youth at an alarming rate and more children than ever before are leading a sedentary lifestyle. We hope to turn that around with regular physical activity and healthy lifestyle choices. Clearly this will lead to a healthy and vital individual who performs better physically and cognitively.
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