Gifted and Talented

Gifted and Talented

Rigorous learning opportunities exist at all grade levels for students in the Gifted and Talented program. The goal is to provide resources to engage and develop GT students who are academically successful.


In the elementary grades, students identified as gifted are clustered together with Gifted and Talented (GT) trained teachers in otherwise academically diverse classrooms. The campus GT specialist works closely with the grade level cluster teachers to meet the needs of each identified child. They determine the best learning plan for each student including aligned TEKS-based lessons which explore content in depth and with complexity.  Some differentiated lessons occur in the regular classroom with the cluster teacher and/or the GT specialist, and some occur outside the regular classroom.  Specific services may vary based on campus and student needs.

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In Grades K-3, gifted students participate with a GT Specialist in a program, on their campus, designed to provide challenging activities in seven strands: creativity, problem solving, research, communication, thinking skills, affective thinking, and leadership training. 

GT Specialists work with students K-5 as well as with GT Cluster teachers in meeting the needs of the gifted learners on each campus


Students in the district’s Elementary Gifted and Talented Program, grades K- 5, are cluster grouped and receive differentiated instruction in the core content areas with a classroom teacher who has at least 30 hours of gifted awareness training, plus the required six hour annual update. 


In Grades 4-5, gifted students receive differentiated instruction in the regular classroom, attend sessions on campus one semester, and attend their chosen off campus GT mini-course the other semester. Click here to view the Alpha Park map.


Student putting on costumeRobotics classStudents working in groupsstudents working on artstudents working on projectsStudents working on poemsPathways for a robotTheatre backdrop



At the intermediate level (grade 6-8), GT students have the opportunity to attend WAVE, a GT magnet program, at either League City Intermediate or Westbrook Intermediate. Both magnets share the same philosophy to meet the unique intellectual, social and emotional needs of GT students. Additionally, students at WAVE are also part of the overall student body of the intermediate school.  Click here to learn more about WAVE.

Archery classStudents playing homemade board gamesStudent with origamiCooking classAerospace engineering mini-courseCaribbean steel drums mini-courseHarry Potter mini-course students

High School

Taking advanced courses in high school is the best way to prepare for college admission and college success. Why Consider Advanced Academics?

  • Taking a rigorous curriculum in high school is the best predictor of students’ ability to complete a bachelors’ degree (Answers in the Toolbox, 1999).
  • The number and quality of advanced courses a learner takes is more significant than GPA or class rank for predicting college success.
  • Students taking more advanced courses score about 2.4 points higher on the ACT composite than students taking standard graduation plan courses (ACT High School Profile, 2005).
  • Students taking Advanced Placement (AP) courses in high school have higher GPAs in college than students who do not take AP Courses (Answers in the Toolbox, 1999).
  • Learners who have taken AP courses generally score higher on the SAT than learners who have not taken AP courses.
  • The number of advanced courses a learner takes in high school may be a factor considered by a college when making admission decisions.

High School Opportunities Grade 9 - 12

Click here for the multitude of offerings for Gifted students. 

Click here for the Gifted and Talented Handbook

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