Department Contacts

Clear Creek Independent School District
2425 East Main Street
League City, Texas  77573

Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm


Paul McLarty                                                         281-284-0181
Deputy Superintendent of Business & Support Services        

Jena Brown                                                           281-284-0181
Executive Assistant to Paul McLarty                                                               

Jeff Kohlenberg

Denise Lewandowski                                            281-284-0189
Accounting Assistant                                                         

Financial Services

Terri Aragon                                                         281-284-0203
Grant Accountant                                                             

Nancy Burge, CPA
Cash Management Accountant                                           

Pam Carrington                                                    281-284-0195
Activity Fund Accountant                                                   

Vicky Barr                                                                281-284-0201

Accounting Assistant -Activity Funds                                   

Paige Fahey                                                         281-284-0197
Budget & Capital Assets Accountant                                     


Accounts Payable

Clara Revill                                                           281-284-0196
Accounts Payable Manager                                                

Lynn Pritzlaff                                                          281-284-0198
Accounts Payable Specialist
Non-PO Payments, Vendors A-B (except Barnes & Noble, BSN Sports)

Janie Ogle                                                                281-284-0186
Accounts Payable Specialist
Vendors C-I

Lindsey Crockom                                                  281-284-0183
Accounts Payable Specialist
Vendors J-K (except Kroger), Gas Cards, Travel, Utilities

Leslie McMahon                                                    281-284-0182
Accounts Payable Specialist 
Vendors L-O       

Rosie Mikeska                                                         281-284-0200
Accounts Payable Specialist
Vendors P-Z, Barnes & Noble, BSN Sports                                                                    

Rose Marie Donaldson                                            281-284-0199
Accounts Payable Clerk



Kelly Kemp                                                          281-284-0194
Payroll Coordinator                                                           

Lori Braud                                                               281-284-0193
Payroll Specialist                                                                   

Rebekah Hughes
Payroll Specialist                                                                   

Lynn Sonora                                                           281-284-0192

Payroll Specialist                                                                    

Terri Honeycutt                                                          281-284-0191
Kronos Specialist                                                              

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