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car rider line
The District launched its podcast, Car Rider Line, which provides an innovative outlet of two-way communication with the school community. The bi-weekly podcast dives deeper into a wide-range of educational news, district initiatives, achievements and resources with District leaders, area experts and other special guests. 

Episodes are also be recorded live on the Clear Creek ISD Facebook page so listeners can join in on the conversation for that week before the episode is published. Be sure to follow us and subscribe today!

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  • Friday, Sept. 24, at 12 p.m. - All About Science Fair in CCISD

EPISODE 407: College Financial Aid Resources

Dava West, CCISD director of counseling and student services, talks through the financial aid process, some frequently asked questions and what to expect during CCISD's Virtual Financial Aid Night on Wednesday, September 29.
EPISODE 406: Q&A Session with Dr. Philip Keiser

A special COVID-19 information session with CCISD Superintendent Dr. Eric Williams and Galveston County Local Health Authority Dr. Philip Keiser. Click here for the transcript.
EPISODE 405: COVID-19 Information Session

District leaders discuss current COVID-19 mitigation measures in Clear Creek ISD. Click here for the transcript.
EPISODE 404: Introducing Remote Conferencing

Remote conferencing is a new initiative in CCISD that will launch on September 7, 2021 to support the continuation of learning for students who are home temporarily due to a medical condition, illness, COVID-19 or quarantine. Remote conferencing will be available for core subjects in all grade levels based on an hourly program schedule. Click here for the transcript.
EPISODE 403: Virtual Learning Program Information

In response to COVID-19, Clear Creek ISD will offer synchronous and asynchronous virtual instruction for students in grades K-6 starting September 7. Enrollment is required and closes on August 28. District leaders discuss this option in detail to help families make a decision. Click here for the transcript.
EPISODE 402: Update with Superintendent Dr. Eric Williams

CCISD Superintendent Dr. Eric Williams talks through the excitement of a new school year and provides an update on questions regarding COVID-19. Kristina Ford, assistant director of counseling services, also discusses strategies to support families at home. 
EPISODE 401: Back-To-School Tips

District leaders talk through strategies to help families successfully transition into a new school year. Click here for the transcript.



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