Legacy Leaders: Debbie Fuchs

Legacy Leaders: Debbie Fuchs
Posted on 10/20/2021
This is the image for the news article titled Legacy Leaders: Debbie FuchsAfter more than 30 years with CCISD, Debbie Fuchs retired this summer from her position as athletic director. Fuchs began her career as a coach and PE teacher in 1988 and would eventually take the top position in athletics within the district in 2015 as director.

“I put my heart and soul into my job, I came to work hard every single day and just seeing some of the great things that took place during my tenure, makes me so proud,” Fuchs said.

While at Clear Creek, Fuchs was a big part of the team pushing for the opening of Challenger Columbia Stadium. It is one of the community’s most exciting additions in recent years.

“It was a hard task to get it done, but when our community said yes to the Bond that we would build this, we made certain that it gave all parties involved including fine arts, including professional development, an opportunity to come and be a part of this awesome stadium,” Fuchs said.

Debbie said she knew it was time for her to step down as athletic director and wanted to hand the baton to someone who was ready for the challenge. Kirby Killingsworth has been with CCISD for 12 years and, although this opportunity came up sooner than she anticipated, she says she’s honored to step into the position behind Fuchs and keep her career student-focused.

“I really try to take what she’s done and take it to the next level and bring in my ideas in the same way,” Killingsworth continued. “I hope it shows them [students] you’re never too early to live out your dreams and accomplish things you want to in your career.”

Fuchs spends a lot of her retirement on the green these days, golfing with friends. But you can still find her in the crowds on game days, cheering on CCISD to a victory.

“I will come to as many games and when we get to those playoffs, I will definitely be here,” Fuchs said.

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