Profile of a CCISD Graduate, Part Six

Profile of a CCISD Graduate, Part Six
Posted on 05/27/2021
Sara Minyon

Sara Minyon’s first year of life was filled with uncertainty and little hope for a future. She was living in poor conditions in China and was severely malnourished.

“I wasn’t growing any teeth or hair during the first year and a half due to not getting any nutrients because of the circumstances I was living in,” Sara said.

That quickly changed after her parents adopted her at 16 months old. They brought her to Texas after her dad got transferred to the area from Georgia.

“I had so many new possibilities here,” Sara said. “My mom wanted me to get involved and meet new people, so she put me in Girl Scouts in first grade.”

She says getting involved in extracurriculars and outside programs open doors that you may never have thought possible.

“I got involved in archery and taught sailing,” Sara said. “I then became certified as a coach in archery and teach at a local shop my friend owns. I found something I loved that I wouldn’t have otherwise.”

She also had a passion for capturing moments in time and visually telling a story.

“My mom saw I was always taking photos when I was younger and told me I had a good eye for photography,” she said. “I love experimenting with different lenses and types of photos and video.”

This led to Sara enrolling in the audio and video production courses at Clear Falls High School. Through these classes she worked with other students to edit and produce a weekly news show for the school.

“I got a lot of really great experience that I could also use outside of school,” Sara said. “I feel very fortunate because it has opened a lot of doors in terms of photography and videography.”

This past year, Sara joined Clear Creek Creative (C3) Studios where students get the opportunity to create, direct and produce content for the video board for a wide variety of events at CCISD’s Challenger Columbia Stadium. Sara also volunteers her time running cameras and audio for local churches.

“I don’t think anyone should be afraid to try new things and explore what they like to do outside of their comfort zone,” Sara said. “You don’t want to look back and think ‘I should’ve done that’ later in life. Because some kids never get to explore their passions.”

Sara’s story could have looked a lot different today if it weren’t for the selfless act of her parents.

“If I was still in China, I would not have the same opportunities like I have today,” Sara said. “I am very thankful.”

She will attend Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, to pursue media production and audio engineering. She also plans on traveling and continuing her photography on the side.

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