Profile of a CCISD Graduate, Part Five

Profile of a CCISD Graduate, Part Five
Posted on 05/26/2021
Ian Dalton

Talking with Ian Dalton today, you would never guess he used to be shy and reserved just a few short years ago.

After moving to Texas from a small beach town in Virginia his freshman year, he was not used to the crowds of people and larger campus.

“Coming here was a drastic change,” Ian said. “I began to struggle academically my freshman and sophomore year, and it was hard to get used to the big school with so many people around.”

That was when someone suggested he apply to Clear View High School, which is a school-of-choice in Clear Creek ISD.

“The main reason I chose to apply was because of the small classrooms and the teachers being more hands-on with student learning,” Ian said. “What I didn’t expect was to create a bond with everyone here.”

With less than 12 students in a class, Ian said he has enjoyed getting to know everyone individually.

“Being in such a small environment, you are almost forced to get to know everyone around you, which is great,” he added.

Ian attributes this experience to getting him out of his shell and transforming his personality.

“Growing up, I was quiet and didn’t make a lot of friends, and I didn’t like that feeling,” he said. “Now, I get to be around people who come from different backgrounds and have different interests, and I think that helped open me up.”

He now aims to go out of his way to be welcoming and respectful to everyone he meets, especially the staff at Clear View.

“The staff as a whole here are all very motivating and want everyone to succeed,” Ian said. “They go out of their way to try and engage the students, and I don’t think that should be overlooked.”

 Just when Ian had shifted his academics and outlook, a global pandemic hit.

“COVID took a big toll on me,” I didn’t like being locked up in my house. I also knew that my grades were going to struggle again if I couldn’t get back in the classroom because of online school since I learn best face-to-face.”

However, Ian said with the help of his teachers he was able to get through it.

“I don’t think students should ever be afraid to ask for help,” Ian said. “There are so many resources at your disposal both during and after school that you shouldn’t be afraid to reach out and find answers and do the work to get it done.”

After he graduates, Ian’s ultimate goal is to work as a lineman in Texas and possibly invest in some real estate.

“I am not old enough yet to get my CDL license for the job, so I plan on doing what I can to prepare myself for that over the next year,” he said. “I am just grateful for my experience at Clear View because it really helped prepare me for after high school and set goals for my future.”


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