Work for One of Texas’ Best Employers

Work for One of Texas’ Best Employers
Posted on 12/08/2020

It is reassuring to know that when a classroom teacher or staff member must be absent, there is an equally dedicated substitute implementing the instructional program. The Clear Creek Independent School District is searching for more of these dedicated instructors to meet the goal of hiring 1,500 substitutes for the 2020-2021 school year.

“Substitutes are able to continue the quality instruction and daily routines for students when a teacher is unable to be in the classroom,” said CCISD Director of Human Resources Dr. Britani Moses. “Students remain engaged and involved in learning.”

That is exactly why Donada Fortner decided to apply for a long-term substitute position at League City Elementary teaching second grade classes.

“My favorite part of this job is seeing the light come on,” said Fortner, who is in her second year as a substitute teacher for the District. “Whether I am in a class for a day or a month, I find it fulfilling when I am able to help a child gain understanding and grow as a learner.”

Fortner is choosing to support classrooms in CCISD while currently pursuing her teaching certification, which is common for some substitutes. She solidified her passion for education while living in China for six months teaching English to young learners.

“I love subbing because you are offered really great opportunities where you get experience in the classroom, as well as getting to connect with students on various levels,” said Fortner.

A substitute possesses many talents – versatility, flexibility, and selflessness to name a few. What sets CCISD apart from other districts is the training, work structure, safety protocols in place and the commitment to treating substitutes like full-time employees. The District is also one of only two Houston-area public school districts to be named to Forbes Magazine’s 2020 list of America’s Best Employers in Texas.

“We have a systematic approach so that when subs select a job, they feel confident in their responsibilities,” said Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources Dr. Casey O’Pry. “CCISD has a well-established training program for qualified candidates who do not possess formal training in instruction. We value them and invest in preparing them to be in the classroom, and hope they feel that sense of satisfaction that they are making a difference.”

The 2020-2021 school year has provided its own set of challenges for teaching during a pandemic. However, staff members have risen above the challenge and have seamlessly implemented the new safety protocols in the school buildings.

“I would also say that as a substitute this year, with all of the safety protocols the district has set in place, that I honestly feel that the safety of myself (as a sub) and the students is made a priority,” said Fortner, adding that taking caution is normal during this time. “Although it has been a major adjustment, I believe they are doing what is necessary to ensure our safety and that students enter a healthy learning environment every day.”

CCISD accepts applications for teacher and paraprofessional/aide substitutes throughout the school year and offers a competitive pay rate for all positions, which ranges from $70-$145 per day depending on length and certifications. The District has committed to paying long-term rates for those who sign up to sub daily at a campus.

When applying to become a substitute, the following requirements must be met or supplied:

•           Work history (3-5 years)

•           Three (3) qualified references: One (1) reference must be from a previous or current work supervisor.

•           A completed application must be on file prior to interviewing and/or attending substitute orientation.

•           Official high school or college transcript for orientation.

•           Certified teachers must also provide a copy of their Teaching Certificate.

•           Pass a background check.

Visit to learn more and apply today. Questions can be directed to the substitute office at 281-284-0155.


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