CCISD Announces New Principal of Robinson Elementary

CCISD Announces New Principal of Robinson Elementary
Posted on 07/29/2020
HewittThe Robinson Elementary Rangers will begin the 2020-2021 school year with a new leader. Travishia Hewitt was named as principal of the school at a recent Board of Trustees meeting.

Hewitt, formerly the assistant principal at Ward Elementary the last four years, has taken over for Yolanda Jones who retired this summer after 22 years in CCISD.

“Robinson Elementary is very passionate about student growth and success, celebrating student individuality and creativity, and coming together as one family,” said Hewitt. “Some of my goals are to learn and grow with the Robinson staff, meeting individual needs, and create authentic and engaging learning experiences and lasting relationships with staff and students.”

With 12 years of experience in education, Hewitt is no stranger to overcoming unique and challenging situations during her time both inside and outside the classroom. She is committed to working side-by-side with the school community to ensure her students continue to receive the best learning and life experiences, even during a global pandemic.

“During this very different school year, it will be important for parents and staff to remember to stop, breathe and remain positive and flexible,” said Hewitt. “We have to practice patience and love for each other and ourselves. Remembering and modeling our core values will be crucial. We also have to set examples of positivity, unity, flexibility and mindfulness for our children who watch our every move. We are CCISD strong, and we will get through this.”

Hewitt believes building relationships are most important, and that educators must work together to ensure students feel safe to help cultivate their dreams and goals.

“I am grateful for the leadership of CCISD,” said Hewitt. “I am thankful to work in a district where student individuality is encouraged and celebrated, and student success is priority. I am also very appreciative for the learning opportunities and collaboration with other leading learners in our school district and look forward to this new chapter together.”

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