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CCISD Safety Committee
Posted on 05/31/2018
safety committee

Charges and Guidelines

The Clear Creek Independent School District is initiating a Safety Committee made up of different partners to explore solutions to ensure a safe and nurturing learning environment for students and staff.  The superintendent has received an outpouring of interest and support to join this committee as well as solutions to some of the complexities of the problem.  The district is grateful for the interest and while not everyone will be able to join as a committee member, public input will be a large component of this committee’s work with electronic input after each meeting.  Additionally, the public will have an opportunity to respond to the recommendations of the committee prior to the Board of Trustees taking action. 

Due to the sensitivity of the meeting and timelines, interested parents must complete their application and submit it by 12 p.m., Friday, June 1 in order to be considered as all contacts will be made before the close of business on the same day. 

Committee Membership

  • Fifteen (15) parents representing the entire district with five (5) parents of students in high school, five (5) from intermediate schools, and five (5) from elementary schools.
  • Three (3) members representing the following law enforcement agencies; Galveston County Sherriff Department, League City Police Department, and the FBI. 
  • Three (3) members representing mental health providers.
  • Three (3) teachers representing high school, intermediate school and elementary school.
  • Three (3) high school students from various high schools.
  • Three (3) faith-based leaders from various religions.
  • Three (3) CCISD principals representing high school, intermediate school and elementary school.
  • Select CCISD support staff representing safety, facilities, communication, and campus based staff.

Committee Parameters

  • Evaluate the number of entry points at each school to determine if they need to be reduced for student and community access throughout the day and evening
  • Examine the use of clear backpacks for students and if it is a deterrent
  • Investigate the use of safety solutions at all schools and facilities
  • Review the various levels of mental health providers and student access to such providers
  • Evaluate the student code of conduct and law to determine if changes are necessary to ensure the safety of students and staff
  • Define communication tools and protocols in case of an emergency
  • Consider all other safety measures as practicable

Committee Charges

  • Recommend appropriate changes and timelines to ensure a safe and nurturing learning environment for students and staff
  • Identify sources of funding from Federal, State and Local levels to support recommendations including both fixed assets and personnel
  • Consider recommendations from Governor Abbott’s discussion on school safety
  • Identify, investigate, and address causal factors for students in crisis.
  • Identify quality social media monitoring tools to investigate and remove threats to schools


Meeting Dates

Tuesday, June 5

Tuesday, June 12

Tuesday, June 19

Tuesday, June 26

All meetings will be held from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Clear Creek ISD Education Support Center

2425 East Main Street, League City, TX 77573

Additionally committee members are encouraged to attend and discuss recommendations with the Board of Trustees on Monday, July 9, 2018 at 4:30 p.m., to present recommendations to the public on Monday, July 16 at 6p.m. and final recommendations for Board consideration on Monday, July 23 at 7 p.m.

Sorry, the deadline to submit an application has passed. Information discussed at these committee meetings will be posted after each one has concluded.


For questions, contact the Office of Communications at 281-284-0020 or by email at
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