Payment Plans

Over 65 , Disabled Person or Disabled Veteran Payment Plans- Persons who have an over 65, disabled or disabled veteran, or spouses of  disabled veteran exemption on their primary homestead may qualify to pay current taxes in four equal installments, if they enter in the installment agreement by January 31. The exemption must show on your current tax bill.  If you have one of  these  exemptions and would like to pay in four installment payments, please go to "Tax Forms"  on Tax Office main menu and print Quarterly Coupons or contact tax office for details. (Remember the exemption must show on your current tax bill or the account may be assessed  penalty and interest if becomes delinquent).

HB 1597 Plan (delinquent taxes only) - The State Legislature has provided a payment plan for Delinquent Residential Homestead Taxes (not applicable to non-homestead property or business accounts).  If you have delinquent property taxes, have not been a payment plan in the last 24 months and have a homestead exemption on the account you may qualify to pay all delinquent taxes on a 12 month payment plan. Contact the tax office for details. This is not an annual payment plan. Conditions apply and signed agreement required. Review agreement under Tax Forms on Main Tax Office menu: 1597 Installment plan. Pre-Approval Required

Covid Payment plans -  The state has not provided special payment plans for Covid at this time. You may consider the 12 month payment plan above if qualified.    

Governor Declared Disaster Plan - properties who suffered physical damage from a 2021 Natural Disaster (Ex: Hurricane Nicholas) may be eligible to make installment payments on their 2021 taxes as provided by Section 31.032 of the Texas Property Tax Code. This section allows owners of residential properties (up to 5 units) or small businesses (less than $6,020,929 in gross receipts for 2020) whose property was destroyed or damaged by a disaster to make four (4) installment payments without incurring penalty and interest. Review agreement under Tax Forms on the Main Tax Office menu. Conditions apply and signed agreement 

Call your county appraisal office to get an exemption: Harris CAD (713)957-7800 Galveston CAD 1(866)277-4725.

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