Bill Pay or Online Payments from Bank

Clear Creek ISD Tax Office accepts  Electronic Online Bill Payments or "Bill Pay" from the taxpayer's bank. Payments can be submitted electronically to the tax office instead of a paper check being mailed.  

When scheduling Online payments:     

 •  Verify the payment amount.
 •  Verify account number is exactly as shown on the tax bill.
 •  Verify the date the payment will be delivered to the tax office.
 •  Verify the payment is going to CCISD Tax Office.
 •  Verify that each tax account is set up separate

URGENT: Information affecting your payment

CCISD is not responsible for payments submitted incorrectly and/or received after the due date.
  Please verify that the account number set up at your bank matches the account number on the bill. If they vary even slightly, the payment will be suspended and likely returned to you. Use the account number as shown on the current tax bill. Do not use the long number or combination of both numbers because banking software will not recognize these numbers. You should set up a separate vendor for each tax account, otherwise the bill pay system may believe you are issuing duplicate payments. Please schedule payment from your bank in advance of the due date to ensure it is received timely. In some cases, a financial institution may request that its account holder not use “Bill Pay” at month end to pay taxes because of stringent due date requirements. Each bank has its own policies and procedures for processing online payments.

We suggest that you verify the account number and the delivery date of your payment before submitting the payment.
Payments may take 3 to 7 business days to process.  We are required to collect all amounts due for the month the payment is received not the date scheduled.


When setting up your Online bill payments use:

Tax Office
P.O. Box 799                                                                  
League City, TX 77574-0799                                              

Some financial institutions may issue a paper check depending on the circumstance. Since a tax bill will not accompany the payment it is imperative that you verify the account number, the delivery date, the amount and the mailing address is entered correctly.

Disclaimer: CCISD Tax Office is not responsible for payments submitted incorrectly (wrong tax office, wrong account numbers, wrong amounts and/or received after the due date).  

Click on "Tax Office" in the dark blue menu box above to return to main tax office menu.

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