Accepted Payments

Due to the increase risk of Covid to taxpayers and employees we are asking taxpayers to consider other electronic payment options to avoid in-person visits.

Accepted at the tax office:
Checks, Money Orders, If paying with Cash please pay the exact amount(s)

Credit, debit cards and eChecks are accepted online only. No credit or debit cards accepted at the tax office.
We accept Bill Pay or Online Payments from your bank. Use link to left for more information.

When writing checks:

>Please use black or dark blue ink. Some lighter shades of blue, colored ink & gel pens are often misread by           electronic equipment.
>Please do not staple checks (staples damage electronic equipment and checks).
>Please put your account number on the check (should check get separated from payment coupon).
>No post-dated or third party checks accepted.
>There is a $30.00 return check fee. 

If you mail your payment
, we honor U.S. postmarks, not metered mail dates.  Please mail payment a few days before due date or verify postmark at time of mailing to ensure payment is timely.

Returned Checks from the Banks. There is a $30.00 return check fee. If a check is returned (for any reason) you will be required to pay all amounts due on the date the new payment is presented. Example: If your January payment is returned to the tax office and you come to the office in February to settle your account, you will be required to pay all amounts due for February (Including all penalties and interest). Do not put a Stop Payment on your check without notifying the tax office. Stop payments will be treated the same as "insufficient funds" or "refer to maker" without proper notification. 

Click on "Tax Office" in the dark blue menu box above to return to main tax office menu.


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