Standards Based Grading

SBG infographic

Standards-Based Grading | A Clearer Picture of Your Child's Academic Progress.

As the Clear Creek Independent School District continues to improve teaching and learning for all students, we know that parents and families are our most valuable partner. This is especially true as the district continues to hold each student accountable to more rigorous standards in each subject area and grade level. Achieving these high standards requires continuous progress monitoring and providing targeted support as needed. Like teachers, parents need accurate and meaningful information, particularly about their child’s strengths and areas where growth is needed.

As a result, the district has implemented Standards-Based Grading in grades Pre-K through 4th grade. This system allows your child to know exactly what is expected in each content area and provides parents with a more detailed outline of learning expectations and student progress. 

We believe this is the key to student success. Through standards-based grading, parents will be equipped to help students at home as they progress toward key grade level targets.

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