Profile of a CCISD Graduate, Part 2

Profile of a CCISD Graduate, Part 2
Posted on 05/22/2019
Jared Willis

By: Sydney Hunt, Senior Communications Specialist

For those who know Jared Willis, all would agree that he is called to bring joy to others.

Jared is a young man unlike any other you may encounter. He is a student who has had boundless ambitions and has never allowed his disability to be a barrier to reaching his potential. He is part of the Clear Falls High School graduating class of 2019, he has been a distinguished member of the Alternative Academics program, and he has served as the basketball manager for the Clear Falls girls varsity team over the last year.

This Clear Falls Knight first gained notoriety at Goforth Elementary when he helped his special education teacher, Ms. Brightwell, create a fully-functioning bistro operated by special needs students to help teach them important life skills. Jared served as the Maître D’ of “Brightwell’s Bistro” and quickly encountered his favorite repeat customer.

“Dr. Smith got invited and he fell in love with me and my personality,” Jared said smiling. “He is a great guy, a great leader, and I like hanging out with him.”

Jared and his family moved away to Ohio for his intermediate school years but decided to return to Clear Creek ISD when he reached high school. He has spent the last few years thriving in his environment, especially as the basketball manager.

“The team and Coach Osborne help lift my spirits when I am down and I really like cheering them on,” Jared said. “Sometimes I also do a little bit of entertaining for them by dancing and singing.”Team Photo

This is where his deep love for all things Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash comes into play. So much so, that even his letterman jacket, that the varsity team surprised him with, has “Elvis” stitched on the back. Just the mention of his two favorite idols immediately brings the biggest smile to his face.

“I love their personalities and their music makes me feel really special,” Jared said. “I love to imitate them and sing my favorite songs, ‘Jackson’ and ‘Suspicious Minds,’ on my guitar.”

As for Jared’s plans after graduation, he wants to continue to give back to those around him by becoming a doctor. He will be joining the Housing, Entrepreneurship And Readiness Training (H.E.A.R.T.) Program in Houston, which was founded to create new opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities to achieve their potential.

“I really want to be a veterinarian. I love animals and I want to help them,” Jared said, adding that his brown poodle, Lizzie, helped inspire this dream.

When asked why he thinks people enjoy being around him so much, Jared simply replies, “They like me because I am handsome, I like cool music, and I am just great.” And no words could be truer.

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