Science Magnet Program

In the 1993-94 school year, Clear Creek ISD began offering a Science Magnet Program at Seabrook Intermediate School for students in grades 6-8. The school provides a unique science curriculum for all students while providing additional science electives and opportunities for students enrolled in the Science Magnet Program. Due to space limitations, the district historically denied more than 200 applications annually.

In May 2017, the community overwhelmingly supported $10.3 million in funding to expand Brookside Intermediate in Friendswood so that the school can be the second site for the highly popular Science Magnet. The expansion includes six new classrooms and four science labs. The  District successfully launched the Science Magnet Program at Brookside Intermediate in August 2018.

In addition, the Seabrook site serves as a Service Learning Center for all schools in the District. The Learning Center includes a Living Materials Center and Greenhouse. The Living Materials Center and Greenhouse provide live plants and animals for use in classrooms across the District. Elementary school students in the district can enjoy outreach programs brought to their schools through the Living Materials Center. It is also used for special activities for the Science Magnet Program and Seabrook Intermediate students.

Contact Information:

Seabrook Intermediate School: 281-284-3100
Becca Rolater, M.Ed. 
Seabrook Science Magnet Liaison

Brookside Intermediate School: 281-284-3600
Joey Segura
Brookside Science Magnet Liaison

2021-22 Science Magnet Program Application Available January 2021

Is science your 5th grade student’s favorite subject? If they have a passion for science, then you might be interested in learning about Science Magnet Program at Seabrook Intermediate and Brookside Intermediate. Any 5th grade student in CCISD is eligible to apply to the Science Magnet Program for their 6th, 7th and 8th grade years. The application for next school year will become available in January 2021.


Students who are zoned to the listed intermediate schools will apply to the Seabrook Science Magnet Program: Bayside Intermediate, Clear Creek Intermediate, League City Intermediate, Seabrook Intermediate and Space Center Intermediate.

Please contact Becca Rolater ( or 281-284-3185) at Seabrook Intermediate for more information.

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Students who are zoned to the following schools will apply to the Brookside Science Magnet Program: Brookside Intermediate, Clear Lake Intermediate, Creekside Intermediate, Victory Lakes Intermediate, and Westbrook Intermediate.

Please contact Joey Segura ( or 281-284-3600 x33604) at Brookside Intermediate for more information.
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