Tax Bills, Due Dates, Payments & Proof of Payment

Q: I need proof my taxes are paid (a tax receipt).

A: Click on the SEARCH TAX RECORDS link

  • Search for your account
  • Pull up your account       
  • Press Payment History & Print Receipt
  • Click on the Tax Year for which you need a receipt
  • Print receipt.

If you are having difficulties check that pop-up blockers are turned off or contact Governmental Data Services at 1 800-431-6176.

Q: When are tax bills mailed and when are payments due?

A: Tax bills are usually mailed in October. If you have not received a tax bill by Thanksgiving, you can print one from this site. All taxes are due on or before January 31 without penalty and interest. Taxes become delinquent on February 1. Many taxpayers pay their taxes on or before December 31 for income tax purposes (You may postmark mail, pay by credit card, visit tax office or use night drop anytime in December to record payment as being paid in December). Tax offices must mail tax bills to the address provided by the county appraisal district. It is the responsibility of the property owner to promptly notify the appraisal district of any changes in ownership or mailing address.

Q: What if I mail my taxes and they get there after the due date?

A: The Tax Office honors the postmarks of the US Postal Service. Metered mail dates will not be considered. Our office is required to collect the amount due based on the postmarked date. If your check is dated January 31, but your mail is postmarked February 12, our office is required to document the payment as received on February 12. May we suggest that you mail your payment in advance to ensure proper postmarks or walk your payment into the post office.

Q: I never received a tax bill, why do I have to pay penalty and interest?

It is the responsibility of the property owner to know which taxing authorities tax their property and when taxes are due. Tax bills are mailed and the taxes are due at the same time each year. If you have not received a tax bill by December, print one from this website or call our office.  It is not necessary to have a tax bill to make a payment as long as you have your account number and know the correct amount. You can mail (postmark) a payment, pay in person, pay by credit, debit card, eCheck or may we suggest that you set up an online payment with your bank . Sec 31.01 Texas Tax Code: Failure to receive a tax bill is not grounds for waiver of penalty and interest and does not affect the validity of the due date.

Q: My mortgage company pays my taxes, why did I get a tax bill?

A: If your mortgage company did not request the tax bill before we printed and mailed the original bill, the tax bill will be mailed to the property owner. If you have received a tax bill that is to be paid by your mortgage company, write your mortgage loan number on the tax bill and forward it to your mortgage company’s escrow department. Any mortgage company can print a tax bill from this website.

Q: What address do I use for Online "Bill Pay"?

A: Payments made via online or "Bill Pay" from your bank can be setup using the address below. Remember if you have more than one account you will need to set up a vendor for each account number.

        CCISD Tax Office
        P.O. Box 799
        League City, TX 77574

When setting up online payments: 
*Verify the payment amount.
*Verify account number is same as on it is on the tax bill.
*Verify the date the payment will be delivered to the tax office.
*Verify the payment is going to CCISD Tax Office.
*Verify that each tax account is set up separately.
Please schedule your payment in advance of the due date to ensure it is received timely. In some cases, a financial institution may request that its account holder not use "Bill Pay" at month end to pay taxes because of stringent due date requirements. We strongly suggest that you verify the delivery date of your payment before submitting the payment. Payments may take 3 to 7 business days to process. We are required to collect all amounts due for the month the payment is received not date the payment scheduled.  Please set up a separate vendor for each tax account, otherwise the bill pay system may believe you are issuing duplicate payments.  Each bank has its own policies and procedures for processing online payments.

We are not responsible for payments submitted incorrectly or received after the required due date.

Q: Why do you have two different payment mailing addresses?

A: The Tax Office uses a lock box service to process payments during the peak of tax season. The Dallas address is the address of our bank’s payment processing center. Do not use Dallas address after January 31 or if you do not have your payment coupon. This will delay your payment being posted. 

Q: Why does your payment address change?

A: As a school district we are required to go out for bids on financial services every few years. Therefore we will use the selected bank's lockbox address for payment processing. Please update your online payment address to the mailing address on the tax bill (home & office computers, too).

Q: I have not received all of my tax bills, how do I get a missing tax bill?

A: Click on the Find or Pay Tax Bill  link.  You can search by account number, name, street address of property or CAD or Pidn Number.
Search Tips:

Instead of searching for "Brown, Thomas G", try "Brown T" or "Brown, T" or just enter "Brown" and scroll through the accounts. If you are a new owner, you may want to try the previous owner’s name. If you have the county account number, plug this number into the "Search by County CAD number". If you are unable to locate the account call our office at(281) 284-0218.

Q: This is not my property or I no longer own the property, what should I do?

A: The tax office can not change any ownership records. The current owner or owner’s agent is responsible for making sure the ownership and mailing information is recorded with the county appraisal district shortly after acquiring the property. If you are concerned that this may not have been done, you can contact the county appraisal office: Harris County Appraisal District (713) 957-7800 or Galveston Central Appraisal District 1-866-277-4725.

Q: If I did not own the property for the entire year, why am I being billed for the entire year?

A: The Tax Office does not take partial payments. Our office is required to collect the total amount of taxes owed on or before the due date. Please refer to your closing papers or call the title company for more information on how taxes were settled. Funds may have been allocated during closing to settle these taxes.

Q: Why am I getting a delinquent tax bill on a property I just purchased?

A: Tax laws require that tax offices mail delinquent tax bills to the current owner of the real estate. If a tax lien exists, it is the property owner's responsibility to be aware of that lien. Please check with your title company as to the disposition of unpaid taxes due at the time of your closing. There may have been funds allocated during closing to settle these taxes.

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