The Volunteer Cheer: March 2018

The Volunteer Cheer: March 2018
Posted on 03/28/2018
March Volunteer

Clear Creek ISD Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts would not have been possible if it were not for the hundreds of caring volunteers who worked tirelessly and selflessly for hours on end to help a community in the midst of a major natural disaster. Volunteers, without knowing, made a huge impact in the lives of those who experienced loss during Hurricane Harvey and were in need of shelter, clothing, food, care for their pets, guidance on available government aid, and other essential supports.  

Brian Johnston, Brian Hunter and Juliane Hurst, three parents of Victory Lakes Intermediate students, locked arms to start a prompt response in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. These and other instrumental members of the community rapidly identified the needs at the makeshift shelter and coordinated efforts. “Everything started with donated water; then there was an outpouring of donated items and organically people started assuming roles to give the shelter structure,” Juliane Hurst said.

In a matter of hours, an impromptu clinic, veterinary area and pharmacy were serving hundreds of rescued residents and 67 animals. A doctor and nurse on site were taking care of diabetics and helping arrange care for people in dire need of dialysis. The veterinarian made sure that cats and dogs whose owners were at the shelter were taken care of. “Everyone was helping. We became counselors. People were helping sort clothing. They were taking care of each other’s kids and crying on each other’s shoulders,” Hurst said.

The shelter opened on a Saturday and was open for four days. Toiletries, clothing, and food were distributed among the more than 270 evacuees who were staying at the shelter.

 “Honestly, I do not think I did much. I just did what I could,” said Brian Hunter. Victory Lakes Principal, Adam Douglas disagrees with Hunter’s account. “These parents are selfless and humble and will tell you about what others did but they will not mention how instrumental they were for having the shelter up and running and the great job they did,” said Douglas.

Victory Lakes Intermediate was one of six CCISD schools that became shelters after Hurricane Harvey made landfall in the Southeast Texas territory. So around the CCISD community, there are hundreds of similar stories that could be shared - stories of unsung heroes who stepped up during and after Hurricane Harvey. By telling this story, CCISD hopes to recognize the many Brians and Julianes who went above and beyond to help their fellow man. Heartfelt thanks to all of the committed and generous volunteers for their noble efforts, contributions, and love for this community.

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