The Volunteer Cheer: December 2018

The Volunteer Cheer: December 2018
Posted on 12/20/2018
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This Volunteer Cheer is dedicated to the mothers who donated their time to ensuring that Stewart Elementary’s Hispanic Heritage Celebration was an absolute success. The celebration, which required months of careful planning throughout the fall semester, culminated with more than 700 students, parents, staff and community members uniting this past October for a festive night of student song and dance performances showcasing the unique customs and traditions of the Hispanic and Latino culture.

The event started more than 10 years ago as a teacher-led Cinco de Mayo program hosted late in the school year, but due to end-of-school year commitments and obligations, was in need of additional support to keep the tradition alive. That’s when a dedicated group of parent volunteers stepped up to the plate. More than 40 parents with a diverse set of skills and talents worked together with Stewart staff to help in a variety of ways including makeup and decoration support to costume making and teaching dances.

One such parent is Marleibi Gomez, who volunteered to teach students traditional dances from her home country of Venezuela.

“This helps to unite the parents, teachers and students and show everybody that language should not stop us,” said Gomez. “Some parents don’t speak the same language and they were still able to be involved. We all want to see how we can help.”

This spirit of partnership is what truly took this year’s celebration to the next level. Due in large part to the efforts of the parent volunteers, the event has grown from a Cinco de Mayo celebration focusing on Mexican traditions to a more comprehensive Hispanic Heritage event that embraces the heritage of a variety of South and Central American countries. The group looks forward to working with Stewart Elementary staff on an ongoing basis to continue hosting this event each fall.


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