About Elementary Education

Elementary Education

Each of our 27 elementary schools offer large and small group instruction, opportunities for students to demonstrate mastery in a multitude of ways from creating projects to taking formal assessments. All students will participate in art, music and physical education. Each elementary school is staffed with a full-time registered nurse, librarian, and counselor. Certified and highly qualified teachers and staff are available for students identified as Gifted and Talented or Special Needs. Each school offers after-school clubs and tutoring support. Technology is accessible in every classroom and in grades 4 and 5, each student is eligible to receive a tablet computer to use during the school day. 

The school district does offer early childhood for students who qualify under federal regulations as well as tuition-based pre-kindergarten. Click here to learn more about CCISD's Early Education

CCISD offers unique opportunities in the areas of foreign language and Science Technology Engineering and Math that are open to students across the district based on space availability.

School Bus
Clear Creek ISD is not an open enrollment school district. You must reside within the district boundaries to attend our school. Not sure which school is near you? Just click on the bus find out which school and bus stop. 
 registration Ready to join the CCISD Family? Click now to begin the online registration process. You will need to bring in important documents, so please read carefully. 
 menu CCISD offers breakfast and lunch for students. You can review the menu, nutrition information, and allergy alerts. Plus, we highly recommend setting up a meal account to make payments online.
 volunteer Parent involvement is key to our success. If you plan to volunteer at our schools, you must register and undergo a background check. 

Click on @Home to view your child's student grades, complete important forms, and connect with your teachers from your home.

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