2020 Clear Creek ISD Retirees

2019 retirement

Charlotte Aalund — League City Elementary
Alonzo Allen — Education Support Center
Thomas Arbogast — Maintenance
Diana Armitage — Space Center Intermediate
Eloise Arnold — Brookwood Elementary
Wayde Barksdale — Clear Creek High School
David Bell — Central Support Facility
Chris Blackburn - Goforth Elementary
Laurie Briggs — Seabrook Intermediate
Carol Brunson — Ross Elementary
Mark Caruth — Falcon Pass Elementary
Mary Caruth — Armand Bayou Elementary
Cristina Casaburri — Seabrook Intermediate
Andrea Cash — Clear Creek High School
Kelly Chapman — Bauerschlag Elementary
Robin Cox — Bauerschlag Elementary
Bobbie Crawford — Victory Lakes Intermediate
Janine Davis — Wedgewood Elementary
Nancy Gruener — Gilmore Elementary
Jackie Grigar — Brookside Intermediate
Christi Guenther — Ward Elementary
Lisa Hardcastle — Learner Support Center
Janet Hawes — Clear Creek Intermediate
Michael Hays — Westbrook Intermediate
Christine Haynes — Wedgewood Elementary
Olga Hernandez De Cano — Mossman Elementary
Molly Herring — Clear Creek High School
Sheila Hines — Clear Lake City Elementary
Rebecca Hoffman — Clear View High School
Virginia Hughes — Education Support Center
Shirin Jalufka — Ward Elementary
Susanne Joosten — Weber Elementary
Janet Larsen — Seabrook Intermediate
Susan Lawson — Hall Elementary

Kathryn Lilly — Clear Lake High School
Julia Little — Westbrook Intermediate
Kristina May — Robinson Elementary
Lisette McClung — Clear Springs High School
Cheryl Miller — Clear Lake High School
Irene Montag — Landolt Elementary
Judy Monteith — McWhirter Elementary
Bill Newcome — Transportation
Mary Ochoa — Transportation
Elvira Olivetti — Landolt Elementary
Lori Otto — Space Center Intermediate
Joseph Peacock — Victory Lakes Intermediate
Jamie Perry — Hyde Elementary
Terri Plante — Clear Creek High School
Deana Richardson — Clear Creek High School
Teresa Ritter — Education Support Center
Jamie Roberts — Bauerschlag Elementary
Freemona Ross — Clear Creek High School
Tammy Russ — Clear View High School
Becky Russell — Ward Elementary
Craig Russell — Ward Elementary
Carla Ryan — North Pointe Elementary
Judy Sanders — Falcon Pass Elementary
Patricia Sekula — Whitcomb Elementary
Cynthia Short — Learner Support Center
Katherine Smith — Galveston-Brazoria Cooperative for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Christine Solomon — Creekside Intermediate
Leigh Sorrell — Bauerschlag Elementary
Patricia Stockman — Seabrook Intermediate
Catherine Wampler — Clear Creek Intermediate
Frances Weeks — Bauerschlag Elementary
Robert Wooldridge — Clear Creek High School

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