Deaf Ed Paraprofessional Interprets Music for Color Guard Student

Deaf Ed Paraprofessional Interprets Music for Color Guard Student
Posted on 10/07/2021
Legacy LeaderMost Friday nights during the fall, the community is excited to watch the Clear Creek ISD football teams compete. But it’s what is happening on the sidelines at Clear Springs High School football games that is catching the attention of parents in the deaf community.

Elizabeth Gardner is a deaf ed paraprofessional. On game nights, she interprets the beat and count of the music for Clear Springs High School sophomore Estrella Cruz.

“I will stand in front of where she stands to help with the beat,” Gardner said.

Estrella is deaf and new to the color guard team at Clear Springs. While her teammates are counting out loud and hearing the beat of the music, Gardner is on the sidelines during practices and games to help her stay on track.

“Ms. Elizabeth helps with the count and with the movements,” Cruz said.

Gardner says her goal is to become a music interpreter. She wants to bridge the gap between the hearing community and the deaf community.

“I want to help be the voice and the ears of the deaf community,” Gardner continued. “Deaf people can do anything hearing people can do, they just have hearing limitations.”

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