MaSTARminds: Ankita Talukdar

MaSTARminds: Ankita Talukdar
Posted on 09/28/2021
AnkitaA spirit of entrepreneurship. That’s what Clear Springs High School senior Ankita Talukdar has as she heads into her last year of high school.

Born an American-Bengali, Talukdar has spent some time visiting family in Bangladesh. It was during a recent trip to the country that she realized she found a bigger purpose.

“I believe that education is incredibly important to anybody, so I’m really dedicated to bring that to children,” Talukdar said.

At the start of the coronavirus pandemic when students were forced into virtual school, Talukdar created Pennies 4 Pencils. It is a nonprofit organization that raises money to buy school supplies for underprivileged countries.

“More people being aware of the problems going on in other countries is so important because then we can help them,” Talukdar continued. “I believe that education is the forefront of driving any revolution in our country and so giving this opportunity will only serve our community better in the long run.”

In the middle of applying for college, Ankita is still collecting donations and money to help students in other countries succeed in school. If you’d like to learn more, follow @Pennies4Pencils on Instagram.

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