Out of This World

There is so much to learn about the universe and outer space! Experience the wonder of the Space Shuttle Discovery or walk on the surface of Mars, both in 360° Virtual Reality. You can also watch the historic SpaceX Crew Dragon launch that happened in May, from prep to lift-off. Whether it's looking for constellations in the sky or reading about aliens and space monsters, you're sure to find it here!

Virtual Trips

  • Join Boeing and Discovery Education on a mission to inspire the world through aerospace innovation with an exclusive virtual field trip to historic Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.
  • Celebrate 34 years of the Space Shuttle Discovery with this online art exhibit which includes a 360° Virtual Reality experience inside the Shuttle!
  • Use Stellarium Web to look for a variety of constellations in the night sky.
  • Click here to learn all about NASA’s Mars Exploration Program. Want to explore the Red Planet for yourself? Follow this link for a 360 Virtual Reality experience created by NASA in collaboration with Google.
  • Take a virtual field trip to Lockheed Martin’s sites in Silicon Valley, CA, to explore how new innovations are helping engineers and scientists continue to explore deep space.
  • Did you miss the SpaceX Crew Dragon launch in May or want to relive the excitement? Click here to watch history in the making.
  • Ever wonder what astronauts mean when they say they are "in free fall?" Click here to find out.
  • Why do astronauts need to go so fast to stay in orbit? Learn why from an actual astronaut!
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Virtual Exhibits

  • Discover images from Dutch physicist Wubbo Ockels' time aboard the Challenger and learn about his mission towards sustainability.
  • Take a peek at the rocket, spacecraft and ground systems in development that will enable NASA and partners to stay on the moon in a measured, sustainable fashion and make human exploration of deep space a reality.
  • At NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, the members of the Scientific Visualization Studio and the Conceptual Image Lab work with scientists to create animations and videos that showcase NASA research and missions in the Earth and space sciences. Click here to learn more.
  • This online exhibit is about how play through comics, toys or video games helps to tame aliens and monsters, whether they arrive from the far reaches of outer space or arise from the bottomless depths of your mind.
  • Learn about the many astronomical tools throughout history - including the astrolabe, sundial, and telescope - that have made it possible to understand the universe and Earth's place within it.
  • Ever wondered about how Galileo and his astronomical discoveries? Learn more about his findings pertaining to the moon, the Milky Way, sun spots, and much more.
  • With over a century of rich cultural history and daring technological innovation, the Russian space program remains a world leader in manned space flight. Follow this link to learn more about the Russians' role in the birth of the space age.
  • A cosmonaut's life in orbit is dictated by a strict, daily schedule. Find out more about what is required of cosmonauts during their space travels.
  • Downey, California holds a rich history of aviation and aerospace that spans more than 70 years. With its many contributions toward reaching the Moon and beyond, Downey continues to advance the motto of "Future Unlimited" with the Columbia Memorial Space Center and its mission to inspire the future of space exploration.
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