CCISD Passport: Virtual Summer Adventures

CCISD Passport Main Graphic

For students who are missing out on in-person summer camp this year, the CCISD Passport will take them on virtual trips in, around and out of this world! Join incoming sixth grader Whitten Vandygriff from Westbrook Intermediate School as he introduces various topics of interest in the upcoming weeks. View the collection of all CCISD Passport videos here.

Supplemented with optional read-alouds, book recommendations and hands-on activities, kids of all ages can learn about weekly unique themes at their own pace. From nature and outer space to fantasy and travel, there is a world for everyone to discover. A few stops take place in Virtual Reality so you can purchase a VR headset for as little as $10 or make one at home.

If students would like to keep track of their participation, they can download the official CCISD passport! For our younger travelers, parents can download and print themed souvenir badges for their children to collect throughout their journey.

Want to share your student's adventures with us? Tag @ClearCreekISD on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and include the #ccisdpassport hashtag!

And finally, a huge thank you to all the CCISD librarians and teachers who spent countless hours creating and gathering this treasure trove of resources! This project would not have been possible without your invaluable dedication to our CCISD students.

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