Profile of a CCISD Graduate, Part 5

Profile of a CCISD Graduate, Part 5
Posted on 05/29/2019
Graduate Profile

By: Sydney Hunt, Senior Communications Specialist

Brandon Doan’s positive energy and personality could light up a room, and any stage for that matter.

He has always had an interest in the arts, from singing and dancing around the house as a child to joining the choir in elementary and intermediate school.

It wasn’t until his eighth-grade year that the theatre bug bit him, and he has never looked back since.

“My favorite role I have ever played was my first as ‘Shrek’ in Shrek the Musical at Space Center Intermediate,” Brandon said. “It really changed me, and I ended up wanting to do theatre everywhere.”

He continued his theatre and choir ambitions into his four years at Clear Lake High School and earned many accolades for his talent. The biggest came this past year when he was nominated for a Tommy Tune Award for Best Supporting Actor.

“Playing ‘George’ in our spring musical, The Drowsy Chaperone, was definitely a role that was really important to me,” Brandon said. “Me and my friend Marco Molldrem were the first to ever receive this Tommy Tune nomination for Clear Lake. That is a legacy I will leave behind after graduation and it is such a great honor that I was able to experience this with my peers and fellow nominees.”

Brandon credits much of his success in high school to the support of his directors.

“I have big-named stars who inspire me, but who I look up to most is my choir director, Ms. Blakey, and theatre director, Mr. Husain,” Brandon said. “They have always pushed me to be a better actor and person.”

When asked where he gets his drive and dedication from, he simply states from his fellow theatre peers at school and in his community theatre program of which he is a part of.

“Theatre was where I found my place to be normal and feel like I had a second family,” he said, adding that he immediately felt accepted. “Everyone is so passionate and positive. My philosophy is that if you surround yourself with positivity, you will create positivity and that will spread to other people.”

What wasn’t always easy for him was the initial acceptance from his parents of his chosen path in life.

“My parents immigrated from Vietnam and were more about education than extracurriculars at first growing up,” Brandon said. “I really showed them that this is what I’m passionate about. I think when they realized that and saw how much I put into my work, it turned around their way of thinking and now they support my future goals, which means the world to me.”

In the fall, he will be pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre at Texas State University with the goal of seeing his name in lights.

“In college I want to make connections and try to lay a foundation for who I am as a person and performer,” Brandon said. “After college the goal is to use my degree to perform either on Broadway, hopefully, or community and regional theater. I am just a bird ready to fly from the nest into this next chapter.”

His aspirations don’t end there. Later in life, Brandon plans to take the knowledge and experiences of being a performer to the classroom setting by directing and teaching a younger generation of students just like him.

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