Victory Lakes Intermediate Hosts Valuable Values

Victory Lakes Intermediate Theater Hosts Valuable Values Show
Posted on 04/24/2019
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Clear Creek ISD’s Core Values were on full display when Victory Lakes Intermediate’s theater students presented their Valuable Values Show to more than 100 Ferguson Elementary students. Under the direction of Victory Lakes Theater Director Andree Newport, the production required many months of preparation as student actors reenacted several real-life scenarios to help their younger peers navigate through the decision-making process and understand its impact on others. The show concluded with a question and answer session where Ferguson students shared their thoughts and feedback.

The Valuable Values Show serves as an important reminder on how trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship shape the people and world around us. As Newport explains, by using a student’s perspective to convey the importance of the Core Values, learners of all ages are able to better identify with the show’s message.

“I truly believe that when student leaders express to other younger students the importance of these values, we are much more successful,” Newport said. “It is important to openly discuss decision-making. We are fully capable of making the right choices, but many times we do the opposite for a variety of reasons.  Owning up to our mistakes and learning from them is what growing up is all about.” 

Clear Creek ISD’s Core Values are comprised of six behavior expectations for all who work, learn, or visit the District. The initiative was formally implemented in recent years to ensure that CCISD is a place where students, staff and families can work cohesively to create a positive learning environment. Together, the following core values lay the important groundwork for ongoing student success:

  • Trustworthiness - Act with honesty in all that you do
  • Respect - Value yourself and others
  • Responsibility - Own your choices
  • Fairness - Play by the rules and consider the need of others
  • Caring - Be kind to others
  • Citizenship - Work to improve your school, community, and country

Click here to view photos from the Valuable Values Show.

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