City of Webster Brings The Leader In Me Program to McWhirter Elementary

City of Webster Brings The Leader In Me Program to McWhirter Elementary
Posted on 02/22/2019
Leader In METhe City of Webster, touted as the “Gateway to the Future,” is investing in its future through the city’s sponsorship of The Leader In Me Program at Margaret S. McWhirter Elementary School. More than 800 students and 60 staff members will benefit from the intensive leadership and life-skills program at the city’s neighborhood school. The program is a school-wide transformation that develops the next generation of leaders with its focus on culture, academics and leadership.

Clear Creek ISD is in its third year of progressively implementing The Leader In Me Program at its schools. The program creates a culture of student empowerment based on the idea that every child can be a leader. This mindset leads to observable improvements in the academic, behavioral and social wellbeing of participating students. Early intervention has been proven to provide better odds for students to thrive and be successful in their future endeavors.
“The City of Webster is honored to support The Leader In Me Program at McWhirter Elementary,” said City of Webster Mayor Donna Rogers. “This vital program provides the tools to help children, and our future leaders, develop mindfulness, resilience and critical thinking skills they need for success in life.”

The six CCISD schools that have adopted The Leader In Me recently hosted a Leadership Showcase for the community demonstrating the leadership and academic leaps students are making through the program’s tools, materials and training. CCISD Leader In Me schools include Armand Bayou Elementary, Bay Elementary, Falcon Pass Elementary, McWhirter Elementary, Space Center Intermediate and Whitcomb Elementary.

The Clear Creek Education Foundation (CCEF) partners with the District to help fund a portion of program costs as well as identify future partners to support the expansion of the program at additional schools. CCEF sponsored the launch of the first two programs at Falcon Pass Elementary and Armand Bayou Elementary schools.

The City of Webster has pledged to donate $44,000 over a period of five years to support the phased adoption of The Leader In Me at McWhirter Elementary.
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