CCISD Crossing Guard Serving with a Smile

Clear Creek ISD Crossing Guard Provides Service with a Smile at Education Village
Posted on 11/28/2018
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Lillian Closs’ cheerful face can be seen bright and early every school morning, stop sign in hand, whistle blaring, happily guiding students through the bustling school traffic. Closs, who serves as a crossing guard at Mossman Elementary and Bayside Intermediate, may have one of the most hectic jobs in Clear Creek ISD. She estimates that she crosses upwards of 200 students each day, and that is no easy feat considering the precautions she must take to ensure that every student arrives safely to their destination.

“My number one responsibility is to secure the safety of my kids as they get to school,” Closs explains. “Over the years, I have had to develop tough skin and command cars to stop. I have to make sure cars come to a complete stop before I can cross the students.”

For Closs, that means making eye contact with drivers and stepping out into the road as cars are slowing down to a stop. Only at that point will she motion for students to begin making their way across the crosswalk.

While it goes without saying that school crossing guards play a very serious part in student safety, Closs sees her role as much more than simply helping students navigate from point A to point B. She works to provide a well-rounded service to her students and always does it with a smile. It is through this personable approach and genuine interest in her students’ well-being that sets her apart.

“When I wave to the kids on the special education buses and their faces light up and they wave back, I believe I started their day on a good note,” Closs said.  “Sometimes one of my kids will suddenly wave back when they didn't at first. I can't describe how much that fills my heart.  I especially jump for joy when that happens.”

But Closs’ impact doesn’t stop with her students. Over the course of the past three years that she has worked as a crossing guard at The Education Village, Closs’ spirit has extended to her parents as well.

“When I'm in the lunchroom and a parent learns I'm the crossing guard they see when they are driving by, they go out of their way to say, ‘thank you,’” Closs said. “They tell me how much they appreciate seeing my energy and smile every day and looking out for the safety of their kids. I am very blessed to have wonderful parents at The Village.  It's a privilege and honor to be their crossing guard.”

Although some may wonder why Closs chose this challenging line of work, considering the demanding hours and unpredictable weather conditions, her answer is simple.

“I adore my kids. I love getting smiles out of their grumpy faces as they come to the crosswalk and telling them ‘have a good day.’ I love hearing about their accomplishments, their run challenges, their not-so-good morning or day. The excitement on their faces is priceless.”

Clear Creek ISD employs 43 crossing guards who work throughout the school year to promote crossing safety by helping students navigate to and from schools and neighborhoods within the District’s 110 square miles.

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