Bus Safety

school bus

Clear Creek ISD Transportation

Video Cameras

Video cameras (with audio) are utilized on most CCISD School Buses. Students videoing on bus for ANY reason is in violation of District and Transportation Rules. School or law enforcement personnel may use this information as safety training material and/or evidence of bus safety rule violations.

Safe Seating Standards

School buses are designed for the safety of students. A major design factor is the compartment formed by each seat, which protects the students sitting on that bench seat. In order for this compartmentalization to work properly, proper seating is required. While seated, each student should face forward; the student torso should be facing forward at all times, the student’s back should be flat against the back of the seat and the student’s bottom should be flat on the seat. (sitting straight back, upright against the seat.) Both feet and legs should be kept in front of their body.

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