Safety Committee

Creating an Intentional Culture of School Safety

The Clear Creek Independent School District is committed to ensuring each student and staff member is emotionally and physically secure. The school district has made safety an intentional and strategic focus of day-to-day operations for nearly a decade. Those efforts, outlined in the Clear Creek Independent School District's Strategic Plan and the Superintendent Targets, include secure entry vestibules, improved surveillance of school activities, perimeter fencing and bullet/shatter resistant film on entry ways.

The District's focus on people and prevention extend to enhanced training for all staff and students, bully prevention curriculum and outreach, additional security personnel at the high school level, and expanded partnerships with local and federal law enforcement agencies to assess, investigate and mitigate threats. Simply stated, much progress had already been made prior to the formation of the 2018 CCISD School Safety Committee. In light of the horrific school shootings across America, and most recently, very close to home in Santa Fe, the superintendent called for a citizens committee to review existing practices in CCISD and make a set of recommendations to further improve school safety. This committee was comprised of 15 parents, selected from a random drawing, law enforcement officers, mental health providers, students, CCISD teachers and staff, and faith-based leaders. The team met every Tuesday through June to review current practices and research potential changes to all areas of the school system.

At the onset of this group’s work, the superintendent encouraged members to explore all options and leave budgetary questions or concerns off the table, essentially, do the work without worrying about the price of school safety.

The committee came to a consensus that the real way to impact student safety is through improved facilities, additional officers and student support counselors, consistent and updated training, enforced policies and procedures, and a robust emergency communications system.

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