Facilities Advisory Committee

General Overview

The purpose of the Facility Advisory Committee (FAC) is to recommend a list of prioritized capital projects that will meet the District’s growth and replacement needs over the next 3 - 5 years. This limited purpose committee will include local taxpayers. The committee will meet with District staff, architects, engineers, and demographers in order to evaluate the District’s long term course for the addition, renovation and replacement of instructional facilities, support facilities, major mechanical systems, technology, and transportation.

The tasks of the Facility Advisory Committee are as follows:

  • Tour facilities on the priority list to gain an understanding of building and infrastructure needs at these sites;
  • Review facility assessments provided by architects, engineers and district staff;
  • Consider student enrollment projections;
  • Analyze property value trends and district/state financial funding parameters;
  • Make recommendations to the Board of Trustees concerning the timing, funding, and priority of capital projects over the next three to five years.


The FAC shall examine the status of the District’s current facilities and equipment, as well as the District’s need for new instructional and support facilities to meet current and anticipated enrollment growth.  This group of citizens should use their knowledge of the District, its facility and equipment needs, and its financial conditions to make recommendations to the Board of Trustees that:

  • Consider all available financial, market conditions, engineering, architectural, and demographic information;
  • Prioritize the district’s facility and capital equipment needs over the next three to five years;
  • Protect the General Fund and minimize the District’s reliance on its Capital Fund and Reserves to meet long-range facility and capital equipment needs;
  • Consider constructive public feedback;
  • Make recommendations to the Board of Trustees to address future facility needs.

The work of the Committee will be completed and final recommendations made to the Board of Trustees by February 27, 2017; this will allow the Board to potentially consider a bond election for May 6, 2017. 


The Board of Trustees asks the committee to consider the impact of student demographic projections and enrollment trends, and to use the following guidelines in establishing and prioritizing recommendations:

 Safety, Academic Achievement, and Efficiency:

    1. Address any identified safety deficiencies.
    2. Provide learning environments conducive to improved student achievement.
    3. Relieve physical and financial capacity constraints and/or maximize efficient use of facilities.
    4. Maintain the CCISD long range technology plan implementation.  
    5. Consider facility modifications in order to expand educational programs based on student needs. 

 Long-Term Financial Stability:

  1. Maintain the District’s fiscally responsible position.
  2. Consider the district’s current and projected operating and debt service fund financial position.
  3. Avoid the use of short-term general fund dollars to meet long-term capital needs.
  4. Avoid the use of disaster, emergency, and operating reserve funds to meet long-term capital needs where practicable.


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