CCISD Regulations

Regulation Title
 BED  Board Meetings - Public Participation
 BED(EXHIBIT A)  Sample Statement for Introduction to Public Comment
 BED(EXHIBIT B)  Public Comment Signup Sheet
 BQ  CCISD Strategic Planning and Procedures
 Local Revenue Sources: Bond Issues
CDC  Other Revenues: Gifts and Solicitations 
 CE  Annual Operating Budget
 CI  School Property Disposal
 CK  Risk Management Program
 CKA  Risk Management Inspections
 CKB  Accident Prevention and Reports
 CKC  Emergency Plans
CL  Energy Conservation
 CNB  Transportation Management: Advertising on District Vehicles
 CNB  Transportation Management: District Vehicles
 Driver Agreement Form
CO  Food Service Management 
 CQ  Technology Resources
 CQ(EXHIBIT A)  Student Responsible Use Guidelines
 CQ(EXHIBIT B)  Employee Responsible Use Guidelines 
 CQ(EXHIBIT C)  Agreement for Responsible Use of Technology by a Nonschool User
 CQ(EXHIBIT D)  Request to Text Message Students
 CQ(EXHIBIT E)  Text Communication Authorization
 CQB  Technology Resources: Cybersecurity
 CQB(EXHIBIT)  Technology Resources: Data Breach Prevention and Response Plan
 CRA  Property Insurance
 CRE  Workers Compensation
 CW  New Facilities
 CY  Copyrighted Material
 CY(EXHIBIT A)  Agreement on Guidelines for Classroom Copying In Not-For-Profit Educational Institutions
 CY(EXHIBIT B)  Copyright Warning Notice
 DBA  Creditable Service Requirements
 DBAA  Employment Requirements and Restrictions - Criminal History
 DC  Criminal History Checks
 DC  Employment Advertising and Recruitment
 DC  Employment Practices
 Posting of Positions
 DCD  Support Personnel Promotions and Upgrades
DEA  Compensation and Benefits: Wage and Hour Laws
 DEC  Absence from Duty
DEC  Leave Sharing Programs
 DEC  Paid Workday Overlap
 DEC  Vacations and Holidays
 Employee Expense Reimbursement
 Travel Request and Reimbursement Voucher
 DFE  Termination of Employment
 DGB  Personnel-Management Relations
DGBA(EXHIBIT A)  Level I Employee Complaint Form
DGBA(EXHIBIT B)  Level II Employee Appeal Form
DGBA(EXHIBIT C)  Level III Employee Appeal Form
DGBA(EXHIBIT D)  Level IV Employee Appeal Form
 DH  Gifts and Solicitations
 DHE  Employee Alcohol and Drug Testing
 DK  Employee Assignments and Schedules
 DMA  Professional Learning Plan           
 Professional Learning Credit Explanations
 DMA(EXHIBIT B)  Reflections Form
 DMC  Professional Education
 Request for Professional Development Reimbursement
 Request for Professional Development Reimbursement
 Auxiliary Special Increment Pay Request Form
 DMC(EXHIBIT D)  Professional Development Credit Explanations
 DMD  Professional Meetings and Visitations
 DN  Performance Appraisal
DNA  Performance Appraisal: Evaluation of Teachers
 DPB  Discipline of Auxiliary Employees
 DPB  Substitute Temporary and Part Time Positions
 EC  School Day
 Visual Media Request for Approval Form
 EF(EXHIBIT B)  Visual Media Parent Approval Form
 EFA  Reconsideration of Materials
EFA(EXHIBITS A-D)  Instructional Resources - Instructional Materials
 EFAA  Textbook Electronic Media System Adoption
 Guidelines for Publishers
 EFAA(EXHIBIT C)  Guidelines for SAS Members and Staff
 EFAA(EXHIBIT D)  SAS Member Liaison Plan
 EFAA(EXHIBIT E)  SAS Member Selection Report
 EFAA(EXHIBIT F)  SAS Evaluation Report
 SAS Member Minority Report
 EFB  Disposal of Instructional Materials
 EH  Curriculum Management Plan
EHBAF  Special Education Video Audio Monitoring
EHBAF(EXHIBIT A)  Request Video Surveillance
EHBAF(EXHIBIT B)  Incident Report and Request View Video Recording
 EHBB  Gifted and Talented Students
 Parental Consent for Assessment
  EHBB(EXHIBIT B)  Consent to Participate
  EHBB(EXHIBIT C)  Probation Status Notification
  EHBB(EXHIBIT D)  Gifted and Talented Probation Plan for Improvement
EHBB(EXHIBIT E)  Furlough Notification
  EHBB(EXHIBIT F)  Furlough to Exit Notification
EHDB(EXHIBIT A)  Credit by Examination Contract
EHDB(EXHIBIT B)  Resolution Board Approving Examinations
EHDC(EXHIBIT A)  Request for Grade Acceleration for Kindergarten - Grade 5
EHDC(EXHIBIT B)  Request for Credit by Examination without Prior Instruction for Grades 6-12
 EHDC(EXHIBIT C)  Resolution of Board Approving Examinations for Acceleration or to Earn Credit
 EHDC(EXHIBIT D)  Resolution of Board Approved Credit by Examination Audit Process 
 EHDD(EXHIBIT A)  Dual Credit Guidelines
EHDD(EXHIBIT B)  Dual Credit/Concurrent Enrollment Endorsement Form
 Distance Learning Contract
 EI  Credit From Non-Accredited Schools
EI  Academic Achievement Record 
 EIA  Instructional Grading and Reporting Procedures
 EIC  Class Ranking
EIF  Individual Graduation Committee
 EIF  Off Campus Physical Ed Guidelines
EIF(EXHIBIT A)  Graduation Requirements
EIF(EXHIBIT B)  Foundation High School Program
EIF(EXHIBIT C)  Individual Graduation Committee Minutes
EJ  Academic Guidance Program
 Assessment Plan
 FBA  Service Animals
FC  School Attendance Areas
 FD  Students: Admission and Residency Verification
 Residency Affidavit
 FD(EXHIBIT A)  Residency Affidavit (Spanish)
 Grandparent's After-School Care Affidavit
FD(EXHIBIT B)  Grandparent's After-School Care Affidavit (Spanish) 
FD(EXHIBIT C)  Guardianship Notification
FD(EXHIBIT C)  Guardianship Notification (Spanish)
 FD(EXHIBIT D)  Student Admission Information Affidavit
 FD(EXHIBIT E)  Power of Attorney
 FD(EXHIBIT F)  Foreign Exchange Students Form 1
 FD(EXHIBIT G)  Foreign Exchange Students Form 2
 FD(EXHIBIT H)  Notice of Revocation
 FDB  Intradistrict Transfers and Classroom Assignments
 FEB  Student Absence and Excuses
 FEC  Attendance for Credit
 Petition to Request Award of Credit
 FEF  Attendance - Release Time
FEF(EXHIBIT)  Attendance - Release Time Application
FFA  Wellness Policy Measurement Plan
FFAC  Wellness and Health Services Medical Treatment
 FFAC  Field Trip Medications
 Administration of Medication at School Form
 FFAC(EXHIBIT B)  Authorization for Administration of Diabetes Management and Care Services
 FFAD  Communicable Disease Control
FFB   Student Welfare - Crisis Intervention
FFB(EXHIBIT)  Notification of Emergency Conference
 FFC  Student Welfare and Student Support Services
 FFF  Student Safety
 FFG  Child Abuse and Neglect
 FFG(EXHIBIT)  Child Abuse and Neglect
 FFH  Freedom from Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation
 FFI  Freedom from Bullying
FJ  Student Fundraising: Request for Approval of Student Fundraising Activity 
FJ(EXHIBIT)  Student Fundraising: Request for Approval of Student Fundraising Activity 
 FL  Student Records
 FL(EXHIBIT A)  Consent to Release Information in School Records 
 FL(EXHIBIT B)  Notice of Intent to Comply with Subpoena/Court Order
 FM  Contests and Competitions
 FM  Extracurricular Code of Conduct
  FM(EXHIBIT A)  Vaping/E-Cigarette by Extracurricular Participants Contract
 Student Organizations and Activities
 FM  Students: Student Activities
 FM(EXHIBIT A)  Approved UIL Exemption List
 FM(EXHIBIT B)  20-21 UIL Waiver Form
 FMF  Creation of Athletic Teams and Sports
 FMF  Student Awards and Lettering
 Student Travel
 Use of School-Owned Vehicles
 FMG(EXHIBIT A)  Travel Request and Reimbursement Voucher
 Parent Consent Form School Sponsored Trips (Spanish)
 FMG(EXHIBIT B)  Parent Consent Form School Sponsored Trips
 FMG(EXHIBIT C)  Alternative Student Travel for School Event
 FMG(EXHIBIT D)  Student Travel Request
 FMG(EXHIBIT E)  Student Travel Itinerary
FMG(EXHIBIT F)  Emergency Information for School Activity
 FMG(EXHIBIT F)  Emergency Information for School Activity (Spanish)
 FMG(EXHIBIT G)  Non-School Sponsored Field Trip Permission Form
 Student Clubs:Establishment of Non-Curriculum Related Student Group, Club, or Organization
 Student Clubs: Student and Parent Consent Form
 FNCB  Student Care of School Property
 FNF  Canine Searches
 FNF  Investigations and Searches
 Level I Student/Parent Complaint Form
 FNG(EXHIBIT B)  Level II Student/Parent Complaint Form
 FNG(EXHIBIT C)  Level III Student/Parent Complaint Form
 FNG(EXHIBIT D)  Level IV Student/Parent Complaint Form
 FO  Audio Video Monitoring
 FO  School Bus Conduct
 FOCA  Placement in DAEP
 FOE  Emergency Removal
 GE  Student Fundraising: Community and Governmental Relations: Parent Organizations
 GE(EXHIBIT)  Student Fundraising: Community and Governmental Relations: Relations with parent Organizations 
 GKA  Conduct on School Premises
 GKA(EXHIBIT A)  Log Documenting Refusal of Entry or Ejection of Individual from District Property 
 GKA(EXHIBIT B)  Notice of Refusal of Entry to or Ejection of an Individual from District Property 
 GKA(EXHIBIT C)  Website Notice Refusal of Entry to or Ejection of an Individual from District Property
 GKB  Commercial Advertising on District Assets
 GKC  Visitor Check In and Badging
 GKD  Non School Use of Facilities
 GKDA  Advertising and Fundraising in the School
 GKG  Community Program Resources
GKG  School Volunteer Program
GRA(EXHIBIT)  Acknowledgement of Removal by Legal Authorities
 GRAC(EXHIBIT)  Certification for Release of Student Record Information to Juvenile Justice Service Provider
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