Student Teacher Experience

We welcome the opportunity to mentor aspiring educators as you conduct observation hours as part of your coursework and certification program.

To Apply for Field Experience Observation Hours:

  • Search for "Field Experience/Observations" on the CCISD Job Listings website and complete the Field Experience Application.
  • Attach both the Criminal History Authorization and DPS Verification Check forms.
  • Attach your Program Verification form. This verification should be a recent Letter of Acceptance or Verification Letter of your participation in a university, college or ACP program and approved certification area. This letter must be on your program letterhead and must have a signature from an authorized program representative.
Submit all of the above electronically to:

Barbara Morrison
Field Experience Coordinator


Student Teaching/Internships in CCISD

Since CCISD is one of the largest high-performing school district in Texas, we have the ability to provide student teaching and internship experiences geared to fit individual requests while following the guidelines and requirements of each university or certification program. Student teachers in CCISD are paired with supportive cooperative teachers who work hard to provide them with a safe and effective learning environment. We do our best to ensure each placement is made to meet the needs of all involved. We believe in setting our student teachers up for every success while they are working with our students.

Some examples of the types of student teaching/internship opportunities in CCISD include:
  • Student Teaching at all grade levels and content areas
  • Internships
  • Nursing Clinical
  • OT/PT/Speech Therapy
  • Nutrition/Dietetics
  • Librarian
  • Diagnostician
  • Music Therapy
  • Counseling
  • Principal/Administration
  • Social Work

To Apply for Student Teaching & Internship Practicums:
  • Apply through your University or ACP program so they may contact CCISD coordinator. 
  • Search for "Student Teacher" on the CCISD Job Listings website and complete the Student Teacher Application. 
  • Attach both the Criminal History Authorization and DPS Verification Check Forms
  • Submit application electronically
  • Complete and clear fingerprinting process
  • Complete all University or ACP Preparation program requirements

District Contact:

Barbara Morrison
Student Teacher Coordinator


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