Facility Rental information

*** Important Information *** 


At this time, CCISD is only approving the rentals of our OUTDOOR facilities. All rentals will require an additional (2) hour custodial support service fee for COVID-19 sanitation protocols. No CCISD athletic equipment will be available for usage.  

All rental requests for INDOOR use are automatically in a tentative status until further notice. Facility Rentals will contact organizations that have submitted a facility rental request regarding when their application status has changed to ‘approved’ or ‘declined.'

Facility Rentals will contact each group for your organization's safety protocols for COVID-19 to be added to your file. 

Please note that with COVID-19 updates, ALL facility rentals are subject to change. 

Clear Creek ISD 2020/2021 

Facility Rental Request Form

Click above to fill out your facility rental request form. 

For questions regarding rental of facilities, call London Endres at (281) 284-0061 or e-mail us at: lendres@ccisd.net.

The organization must provide the following information in order to start the Facility Reservation process:

  • Organization’s Name

  • Contact Person 

  • Address, City, State, Zip Code 

  • Phone Number 

  • Event Date(s) and Time(s) 

  • Campus, Area(s) 

  • Type of Activity 

  • Expected Attendance  

  • Setup and Breakdown Times  

  • Type of Equipment Needed 

  • Will funds or entry fees be collected  

  • If claiming organization as non-profit, a an IRS 501(c)(3) number must be provided to CCISD 

  • Proof of Insurance must be provided (if approved, the certificate of insurance must name CCISD as an additional insured in the amount of one million dollars)

Please allow up to 2 weeks for a response. An application for use shall be obtained from the appropriate approval authority. The completed rental application, any required deposits, certificate of insurance, IRS nonprofit status certification, and rental payment shall be submitted to the appropriate approval authority at least 15 District business days prior to the date of use.

The Facility Specialist will submit the request to the Administrator at the requesting campus for availability and approval. Once the request has been reviewed and approved by the Campus Administrator, we will notify the contact person with the organization of approval and details of any fees associated with the rental. If the organization decides to proceed with the rental, the following will occur:

  • A contract form will be prepared.

  • We will notify the contact person to set up a date and time to sign the contract and receive payment. A valid contract must contain a signature by the organization and the district. 

  • We will issue a copy of the contract to the organization along with mailing a copy to the campus administrator, maintenance department and HVAC at the requested campus. 

  • A contract must be on hand at all times. An organization may be asked to leave the premises should the organization be unable to produce a copy of the contract when asked upon by a district employee at the campus. Should additional time be requested, an additional facility request form must be submitted.

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