Elementary Language Arts

Effective communication is the ultimate goal of the Language Arts program in Clear Creek ISD. Throughout the educational process, students shall strive to become expert readers and writers of all kinds of text, effective speakers and listeners, thoughtful problem solvers, critical consumers of visual media and competent, appreciative users of language.

Through the Clear Creek ISD Language Arts Program, students will:
  • Promote personal, social, occupational, and civic literacy through spoken and written communication.
  • Develop reading and writing activities to encourage problem solving skills. 
  • Exercise skills in gathering, synthesizing, and communicating knowledge. 
  • Connect knowledge across the curriculum to build an understanding of cultural diversities and complexities of the world. 
  • Experience a variety of literary genres to build an understanding of the many dimensions of human experience.
Karen Hearn (interim)
English Language Arts Coordinator (K-5)
(281) 284-0136

Liliana Martinez
Elementary Spanish Language Arts Coordinator (K-5)
(281) 284-0074

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